Principal of Fruidity, South America 2016

7th November 2016
Principal of Fruidity “Ink” 流動性の法則
venue: Juventud Providencia,
Santiago, Chili
project : Perfolink
by Alexander Del Re




5th November 2016
Principal of Fruidity “Butter” 流動性の法則 (4hours)
venue : Parque de las Esculturas, Museum of Contemporary Art
project : Perfolink
by Alexander Del Re


16th November 2016
Principal of Fruidity “Butter” 流動性の法則
instruction work in São Paulo, Brazil

organized by Lucio Agra



上の3つのイベントはひとつながりである。上の2つが Alexander Del Reによるもので、南米はチリの首都サンチアゴの別の場所にて行われた。”Principal of Fruidity”は、2016年から2018年にかけて行っていた作品のシリーズ。身体と時間のせめぎあいを感じるパフォーマンスがしたかった。コンセプトは、以下の英文を読むか、10th September  2016のパフォーマンスの説明を見て欲しい。3つめの写真のサンパウロでのものは、本当は、私自身が行く予定であったが、渡航前にチリの観光地バルパライソで、強盗にあってしまい、財布とパスポートを亡くしたため、叶わず。サンパウロのLucioが気を利かせてくれて、私の作品は、インストラクションとして、現地のアーティストたちで演じてくれた。

Think about BODIES and TIME, BODIES against TIME, BODIES with TIME. Time is abstract and conceptual; bodies are imaginary and fragile. Logically they might not fuse each other. Time itself has no limit, but bodies are possessed of limitations. But we all can SEE how they PLAY out their “CO-OPERATION” in the real SPACE.
I like to observe this play, my own body and time, especially their slow, minimal changes and shifts.Within my work I attempt to place a medium between these two sides: the body and time, by taking DAILY MATERIAL made from the parts of the other CREATURE’S BODIES. Their potential energy helping to reflect the EVENTS which occur in this space more visually than my own body.
For example,
Japanese ink : made from soot of pine, vegetable oil and animal glue (30min)
Butter : made from cow’s milk (4 hours duration)

I want to focus on these PROCESS and share the EXPERIENCE with audience, to realize the one of very COMMON principal in the world, these are called the PRINCIPAL OF FLUIDITY. I believe they must be beautiful moments. HOPE…