Sakiko Yamaoka Performance Works 


   1991~2000      2001~2007       2008~2011       2012~  


The Background




Yamaoka started his performance art in 1991, when she was 29 years old. While watching two young dancers “rehearsing” an improvised dance in a small park in the Yanaka cemetery in Ueno, Tokyo, she felt inspired to join in. At first she took a radioset with her and joined in with the sound. Then she brought newspapers and brushes, taped them to the surface of a tree, and improvised abstract drawings with ink. She playde that for a few days. One day, when the event was kind of over (there was no audience, so if they got bored, it was over), she collected the papers, folded them and was putting them in her bag, one of the dancers said “Oh, the bin is over there”. What she realised was that the “time” spent moving around was the work of art, and that the ink-stained newspaper was, in a sense, indeed just rubbish. As a painting student, it was a real eye-opener for me. Soon after, she tried to do drawing in the space with paper tape. In the same space, the dancers found different ways to play with the tape and interacted with it, going through it, leaning on it, tearing it down. Their movements transformed the paper tape drawing. This performance of using paper as a material seems to have been the starting point of Yamaoka’s performance work. It is also connected to the idea of making sounds from the body. 

くずかごに捨てた紙テープ paper ribbons(1991)
紙皿 Paper Plates(1994)