drawings: I am not free from myself 私は自由ではない 2022

I made them (pyrography) ,during my life of refraining from going out under the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time I was trapped because I could not escape from my own problems. And then I had an exhibition on the 2nd floor of a bar in Shinjuku. コロナによる自粛生活で、描き始めた絵です。新宿のゴールデン街のバーの2階で展示をしました。

Self-Hug 1
Self-Hug 2
Self-Hug 5
Self-Hug 7
Self-Hug 8
Self-Hug 9
Self-Hug 12
Self-Hug 14
Self-Hug 13
On the board 1
On the board 2
On the board 3
On the board 4
On the board 5
On the board 6
Walk in the air 1
Walk in the air 2
Walk in the air 3